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Getting it out.
Your dark hazel eyes grabbed my attention.
We both knew what was in store.
You whispered for me to follow,
and without thinking, I did so.
Those hazel eyes caught my mind.
My heart became a blur as we moved closer.
Nudging your nose, you leaned in for a kiss.
My mind and body accepted, ignoring my heart.
Our bodies not touching, only our lips.
We pulled away, I was painted red.
You say, it's time to go, but before we leave..
You lean in a second time, eyes closed.
I accept, still blurring out my heart.
Once it was all over, my heart became crystal clear.
Your hazel eyes are demons,
and my heart now trembles when I see them.
:iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 0 0
Fountain of glory by WinterAllusion Fountain of glory :iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 1 0 Fiesta String by WinterAllusion Fiesta String :iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 0 0
Where do I begin when I'm aiming for an ending.
I want to begin when you're ready to end.
See those stars, they look over you every night.
Every star you see is every tear I drop.
Of sorrow and happiness all together in blackness.
Though your face is not present and your voice is not heard.
In the day time and night it feels so real.
So close yet so far away, as they say.
Speak with your heart not your mind daddy.
Don't you remember me when you're drinking?
The baby that you love with all of your heart.
You told me that you'd stop but you lied.
You've lied to me my entired life!
I've shed so many tears you don't know about.
Mom doesn't know either.
I hurt so much over you.
And even when you've lied and hurt me.
I still look at the stars, knowing that you're under the same ones.
And I'll cry every night just so you can look at them.
Not knowing that I'm crying over you.
:iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 0 1
I Love You Dear
Live and lie
Laugh and cry
all get by
all will die
See and hear
far and near
all in fear
all in tears
You need not lie, you need not cry
For I am here, far and near
You shall not fear, for I love you dear.
:iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 0 0
Where's your smile? by WinterAllusion Where's your smile? :iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 2 3 Don't be shy by WinterAllusion Don't be shy :iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 1 3 Kit Kat by WinterAllusion Kit Kat :iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 2 0 Blissful Moment by WinterAllusion Blissful Moment :iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 1 0
Come home
Come home,
I see you haven't been happy.
Come home,
It's where you're welcome.
Come home,
Back to the family.
Come home,
The laughs have been fake without you.
Come home,
Where you're face used to glow.
Come home,
I miss you.
:iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 2 0
I've missed you.
We've missed out on so much.
Why the long face?
Didn't you miss me?
You didn't.
Too bad, I thought about you.
Every day without you was agony.
But we're together now.
Not enjoying my company?
If I were you, I wouldn't be either.
Did you say something?
Well, I hate you too.
Why don't I just pull this lever into eternity now?
That would save you some tears wouldn't it?
Yes, smile, give me what I'm looking for.
This is your failure.
This is your final mistake.
You are doomed for the rest of forever.
Have a nice life in your new world.
I'll be waiting with open arms to torture you once more.
:iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 2 3
Indefinate Lives
The doctor pulls down his mask and says "its done"
He takes off his gloves one by one
Wipes the sweat off of his face and turns off the light
The organism sits there awaiting the morning
Only to die again the next night
To live another life
:iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 1 0
Some things never change
Just like the touch of your pain
Silky smoothness of your skin
My love and hope is running thin
The days grow longer without you
To thinks its beginning so new
Every time we talk its all the same
You playing this love game
You walk all over me and I accept it
Just because my love is indefinite
Love is forever, that is true
And forever and always I will love you.
:iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 2 0
Long but deadly
Stomach turns in knots
Eyes wet with tear drops
Hands shake and tremble
Bones are thin and nimble
Breaths are short but steady
Life is long but deadly.
:iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 1 0
Reflections by WinterAllusion Reflections :iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 1 0 Calm Before The Storm by WinterAllusion Calm Before The Storm :iconwinterallusion:WinterAllusion 1 0



Chelsey Abshire
United States
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I hardly post anything on here anymore.
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